Green Media Creative is a creative design agency based in Phoenix, Arizona. We create identities, event graphics, websites, ads, videos, marketing campaigns and other marketing collateral for various audiences. Good design conveys both information and emotion.
Logo Design/Identity
If your house is your brand, then your logo is the foundation that supports the framework to build your house on. A logo is the foundation of what builds a brand. Although the logo is only a portion of your brand, it’s essentially the overarching entity that supports all of the other elements that goes into an effective brand. A poorly designed logo can be detrimental to the impact of how you are perceived in the marketplace. Developing a logo is more than just eye candy or a beauty contest. When we develop a new brand identity or logo we develop designs that have meaning. It starts with strategy and research. We take the time to learn about your industry and discover what your competitors are doing, what’s already out there in the industry and who’s succeeding and why. We dig deep into your business to discover all facets of your company and explore areas that can take your brand to new levels. The more knowledge we have about your company the more effective brand campaign we can build.
Website Development
PHP, ASP.Net, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento…Huh?
As confusing as it may seem, this is where we excel. Website technology is changing at a very rapid pace which means when it comes to developing a new site there are several options. That’s where Green Media Creative’s experience will help guide you in the best direction for a solution that makes sense for your business. Our team of developers are constantly keeping up with the fast pace of website design and development which is important in this day and age to stay competitive.
Our core capabilities consist of:
- PHP Developmemt
- Open Source CMS Solutions
  - Word Press

  - Joomla
  - Drupal
- Custom Content Management Systems
- E-Commerce solutions
  - Magento
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Event/Tradeshow Graphics
This is a large part of our business. Let’s just say it’s kind of our niche. Over the years we have supported several venues, large and small, with event graphics, including, large format banners, websites, direct mailers, event promotional pieces, etc. Weather you need support for your next tradeshow or have a company incentive trip we can provide the creative direction to make your event stand apart from your competitors.
Marketing Collateral
Getting your message out to a vast audience is our specialty. With over 25 years experience in helping our clients achieve brand awareness, we know how to deliver an effective marketing campaign that can elevate your brand awareness.
- Marketing Campaigns
- Company Brochures
- Event Graphics
- Tradeshow Graphics
- Info Graphics
- Direct Mailers
- Newsletters
- Post Cards
- Presentations
- Posters
Ad Development
You literally have a split second to catch the attention of a reader flipping through a magazine or driving by a billboard. A strong, powerful message and compelling imagery can achieve exactly that. When we develop an ad campaign we take this into consideration. If you blend in with all of the other ads out there you have accomplished nothing. Our job is to make your message stand out from the competition, connect with your audience and help achieve your business goals.
Video Production
A well scripted, professional video can separate you from your competitors. Green Media Creative has expanded our capabilities which now include all facets of video production. Our video production capabilities consist of all levels of pre-production and post productions including director of photography, videography, and editing.

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